Pumpavimo greitis:
0 m3h-1
Vakuumo gylis:
1.0E-9 mbar
Turbo molekuliniai
Main Inlet flange DN160ISO-K/DN160CF
Outlet Flange DN25NW
Vent/purge port 18; inch BSP
Inlet pumping speed (compression ratio)
N2 540 ls-1 (>1010)
He 580 ls-1 (108)
H2 500 ls-1 (106)
Ar 510 ls-1 (>1010)
Ultimate Pressure (CF variant) <10-10 mbar
Recommended backing pump RV12/nXDS10i
Max continuous inlet pressure (N2, He, H2)
forced air cooled, 30 °C ambient 1 x 10-3 mbar
forced air cooled, 35 °C ambient 5 x 10-4 mbar
water cooling at 15 °C 2 x 10-3 mbar
Nominal rotational speed 50000 rpm
Start time to 90% speed
EXC300 6,5 min
Cooling method Forced air/water
Cooling method Forced air/water
Ambient air temp for forced air cooling 0 °C - 35 °C
Recommended cooling water flow rate (water at 15°C) 15 lh-1
Water temp range 10 - 20 °C
Max inlet flange temp 80 °C
Operating attitude Vertical and upright, through to horizontal
Noise level at 1 metre <60 dB(A)
Max axial magnetic field <7 mT
Max radial magnetic field <3 mT
Recommended controller EXC300
Quiescent power consumption 35 W
Electrical supply voltage
Electrical supply frequency (EXC250/300) 47 – 63 Hz
Max power output for pump
EXC300 290W
EXT556H ISO/CF 13,4/21,2 kg
EXT556HF ISO/CF 19,3/20,5 kg
EXC300 4,6 kg